The luxury watch is an elegant fashion accessory that is essential for any trendy man. In addition to being practical, it reveals many things about us: our style, our character, our passions and our social status. When you have the opportunity to buy one at some point in your life, it is important to take the time to think. Which brand to choose? Which models should we focus on? Where to buy it?


The luxury watch, THE masculine jewel by definition

In my opinion, the watch is the fashion accessory for men by definition. Not being a big fan of jewellery in general (bracelets, bracelets, bracelets, bracelets, necklaces), I find that a beautiful watch is what finishes an outfit, gives it its style. It is for me the most relevant male jewel. The watch makes it possible to define its style so that you want to look relaxed, elegant, it lets you glimpse the character of the person who wears it.

How to choose your luxury watch?

Buying a luxury watch is not like buying a simple shirt or a pair of shoes. No, it’s a thoughtful purchase. The high quality products ensure robustness and offer designs that are difficult to find elsewhere. Luxury watches are real jewellery made by watchmakers, real works of art.

It is important to choose your luxury watch by taking the time to look at the different models and brand values because when you choose a watch of this quality, you also adopt the brand’s universe and DNA. If you are choosing a luxury watch for the first time, I advise you to look for classic and timeless models that will go with all your outfits and are sure values in terms of elegance.

For example, at Omega, I recommend the iconic Moonwatch or Seamaster models. The latter is available in different versions, notably popularized by the world’s most famous secret agent: James Bond.

Of course, depending on your affinities, you can also turn to other very beautiful brands such as Breitling, Patek Philippe or Audemars Piguet and Jaeger-LeCoultre.

How to wear a luxury watch?

Everything will depend on the style of the watch. For example, a thin steel watch, you can wear it with most looks whether they are professional or not. This style of watch is very easy to wear whatever the occasion and daily life of each individual.

If you opt for a watch with a leather strap, we prefer on the one hand to avoid having a look a little too sporty, the luxury watch goes very little with jogging. On the other hand, combining the colour of your bracelet with the leather of your shoes and belt is a very important thing. In general, the combination of colours, whether for the bracelet or the dial, is an essential point to take into account when composing your look. For example, if you wear a Steve McQueen Monaco Heuer Tag with the blue dial, I advise you to add a touch of blue to your look with why the jacket pocket, socks or tie.

There are brands and models that go very well with more casual and sporty chic looks, such as the Royal Oak Offshore model from Audemars Piguet or the Hublot watches often worn by top-level athletes like Mbappé below. I also have in mind the Richard Mille watches proudly displayed by Raphael Nadal, for example.

Where to buy your luxury watch?

Depending on your budget and your passion for luxury watches, there are several ways to get them.

Buy a new luxury watch

In general for new watches, you can opt for the brands’ physical shops or at jewellery retailers. Otherwise, you can do your shopping directly on the internet if you are sure of your choice. This is where you have the most choice and where you can find the rare pearl.

Buy a used luxury watch

In terms of budget, it is often interesting to go through the market for second-hand luxury watches. The models are very often in perfect condition and in addition we have the possibility to find old and rare models. I think this is a good compromise when you want to build a small collection of quality watches.

Tips for choosing the right watch

The watch you wear is a strong accessory of your outfit, it signs your personality. Today considered as the trendy jewel par excellence, it no longer simply gives the time. Thus, in this jungle of hands, dial movements and bracelets, it is not always easy to find your way around. To help you see more clearly and choose the one that will make you happy, here are some valuable tips.

  • The design

First of all, the watch must be proportional to your wrist, and beyond the measurements given, it is also a question of feeling. A bracelet is at your waist when you can put your index finger between your wrist and the bracelet. Moreover, the choice of this one is also important because it defines who you are. Whether you choose the softness of leather, the virility of metal or the resistance of rubber, know that nothing is definitive. Indeed, it is always possible to change it very easily.

  • Quartz or mechanical?

Among all the purchasing criteria, the one of movement is also important. There are two main families: mechanical movements (energy is supplied by a spring) and quartz movements (energy is supplied by a battery). If you regularly change watches, if you like precision and prefer a battery change, quartz watches will seduce you, if you prefer a mechanical heart that comes to life in perpetual motion, mechanical models will not be able to resist you.

  • The brand

A watch is first and foremost a brand. Thus, it is necessary to know the latter and the field of competence in which it excels. Each person’s DNA gives them legitimacy in a well-defined field. Brands like Casio, Festina or Beuchat can be classified in the sports watch category. On the other hand Fossil or Pierre Lannier will be considered as more refined models.

  • The interview

Finally, there are some basic rules to consider to extend the life of your watch. Avoid washing or washing dishes with it (hot soapy water damages the joints), read the instructions carefully and do not pass the date manually between 9pm and 3am, otherwise the system will be damaged.